Benefits for Merchants

We specialize in Employee Appreciation Events at over 800+ corporations in the metro Atlanta area. Your business can be featured at our corporate events at no cost. Human Resource Managers and Property Managers have us come out twice a year to offer their employees exclusive savings on local business, family attractions and sporting events.

This allows your business to reach thousands of employees and gain new business from people that work in your area. Our program will allow you to reach the demographics you want, generate extra revenue by filling empty seats or excess inventory, and gives you the opportunity to create repeat business.

There is no cost to participate other than providing savings offers that incentives employees for their first time visit. We will advertise your business through email blasts sent to the employees 2 weeks prior to the event; poster and flyers set up in the common areas; LCD monitors in the lobby area; and on the day of the event a face to face commercial promoting your business from one of our professionally trained event coordinators.

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Feature your business at over 800+ Corporations in the metro Atlanta area