Frequently Asked Questions

We book events at corporations twice a year to reward their employees with exclusive savings on local businesses & attractions.
If you have 100+ employees in your company and you would like to offer these exclusive savings to them; contact us and we will have an event coordinator meet with you. It is a very simple program, you just pick a date, time and location (normally in the lobby, break room or common area) and we do all the work. We book events for companies, hospitals, property management buildings, colleges and schools.
It is FREE. The entire program is self-funded through the cost of the promotional certificates.
There is NO cost for your company, we do all the work and the employees and tenants absolutely love the program.
We will provide an email blast with the event details and product list to the Human Resources Manager or the Property Manager two weeks before the event to forward to their employees. If requested, then we will also set up posters & easels in common areas like the lobby and cafeteria a week before the event.
70% - 90% savings on Restaurants, Family Fun Centers, Paintball Courses, Comedy Clubs, Wellness Centers & Spas, Golf Courses, Car Care and many more.
Yes. The type of offers we have are exclusive and can only be purchased at our events. We have the promotional certificates on site so you can pick them up and start redeeming the offers immediately. We also go over terms and conditions and how to use them.
We have them contact the local event coordinator and place a mail order.
Most have a 6 month expiration date, some are longer.
No. You can reserve your certificates in advance to guarantee availability.
Yes. It is 100% fully transferable. They make great gift items.
We accept credit card, debit card, cash or checks
We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We have a 30 day return policy or you can exchange at any time.
Treat your promotional certificate like cash. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
We negotiate deals with local merchants to provide employees with exclusive savings. This is an affordable way for them to generate foot traffic especially first time customers. We help them get people into their doors through our corporate events and in return they work hard by providing excellent customer service to get repeat business. It is a win, win program!
Contact us and we will have an account manger meet with you to see if your business qualifies for our program.

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